May 31, 2019

#Skinclusivity: Beauty in every skin tone

Today, when diversity is celebrated, do people still hold prejudices on skin color? Perhaps not openly, but all of us have implicit biases influenced by our experiences and environment. Like it or not, people tend to prefer others who are similar to themselves. Implicit biases are attitudes and stereotypes that are largely unintentional and outside of our awareness. Take the Skin Tone Implicit Association Test to see if you may have any implicit preference for one skin tone over another. By recognizing our biasness, we can challenge and overcome them, ultimately working towards a more inclusive society.

In May 2019, Obagi Medical launched a global awareness initiative #SKINCLUSION, dedicated to empowering all to make conscious choices about being inclusive and seeing the beauty in all of our differences, regardless of skin tone or type. A widely used measure of skin type is the Fitzpatrick skin spectrum, which categorizes skin based on its response to UV rays.

Type I: Typically light, ivory skin. When exposed to sun, always freckles, burns and peels, but never tans. Type II: Light, fair or pale skin. When exposed to the sun usually freckles, burns and peels, and rarely tans Type III: Fair to beige skin, with golden undertones. When exposed to sun might freckle and burn on occasion, and sometimes tans.
Type IV: Olive or light brown skin that doesn’t usually freckle when exposed to sun, rarely burns and tans often. Type V: Dark brown or black skin that when exposed to sun rarely freckles, almost never burns and always tans. Type VI: Deeply pigmented dark brown to darkest brown skin that when exposed to sun never burns, and tans quickly.

Obagi Medical is proud to be the first medical skin care company to include all Fitzpatrick skin types in clinical research protocols. Understanding our skin type can help us be more conscious about the products we choose to best care for and protect our skin.

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