May 30, 2023

Effective Scar Treatment with Silicone Gel: How to Use and Does It Work?

A Comprehensive Guide with Reviews for Dermascar in Singapore

While having acne is completely normal, breaking out does not usually bring about positive feelings, and dealing with the scars it leaves behind can be disheartening.

The same goes for those who feel self-conscious about scars from surgery, infection, or accidents. Scars may be fairly common but there is no denying the distress they can cause to the people bearing them. Thankfully, there are now treatments that have proven effective in minimising, lightening, and flattening certain types of scars. 

Topical silicone gels are now recommended by healthcare professionals as a non-invasive and effective scar treatment that can be done at home. Specifically, Dermascar silicone gels work best on scars that are raised above the normal level of the skin (hypertrophic and keloid scars) that are not older than two years. When applied consistently and properly, silicone gels can significantly reduce discomfort, itching, and the visibility of scars.

How silicone gels work to treat scars

First, let us understand how scars come to be so that you can determine the type you have.

The formation of scars is a natural part of the healing process that is triggered when the dermis or middle layer of the skin is penetrated or torn due to injury.

In order to heal and seal wounds, a type of cell called fibroblast is stimulated to produce collagen, forming an area of fibrous tissue that replaces normal skin.

Collagen in skincare is usually described to be good as it contributes to the firmness and elasticity of the skin. However, overproduction of collagen can result in hypertrophic or keloidal scars which are raised and often red to dark brown.

The Journal of Cutaneous and Aesthetic Surgery published a study with 30 respondents that used silicone gel to treat hypertrophic and keloidal scars.

The patients applied a thin film of silicone gel to the scarred area twice a day for six months and researchers documented that 86% experienced a reduction in texture, 84% saw less discoloration, and 68% noticed a decrease in height. 

Based on this study, silicone gel can improve the appearance of a variety of damaged skin tissue, not limited to keloids or hypertrophic scars but also burns, as well as those born from surgical incisions or cosmetic procedures.

Healing Scars with DermaScar Silicone Gel

DermaScar is a topical silicone gel that is easy to use, quick to dry, and lasts up to 12 hours. You’ll simply have to put it on your scar twice a day and a little goes a long way, so any of their 15-gram tubes should last you more than a while. 

Zoe Nissi currently has 2 of Dermascar’s  medical-grade silicone gels all aimed at scar reduction:

  • DermaScar Classic is the original formula that has been clinically tested to soften and flatten raised scars while relieving itching and discomfort. 

DermaScar Platinum C&E would be your best bet if photodamage or scar discoloration is your concern. It combines the antioxidant effects of Vitamin E with Vitamin C to prevent photodamage and reduce scar pigmentation.

How to use DermaScar Silicone Gel on Scars:

  1. Apply DermaScar to dry, intact skin twice daily – every morning and night on the scarred area for at least four weeks to see visible results.
  • If your scar is due to surgery, make sure that the wound has visibly closed with no more scabs. It is recommended that you wait around 10 to 14 days to pass after surgery. Be sure to clean the area with water and mild soap, then gently pat dry before putting DermaScar.
  1. Place a pea-size amount (which is enough to cover a 12-centimeter scar) of DermaScar silicone gel on the affected area and spread lightly. The idea is to apply a thin and even layer of silicone gel that will act as your “second skin.”
  1. Keep in mind that you should apply DermaScar silicone gel and let it dry for about 1 to 2 minutes prior to any other product such as sunscreen, lotion, or makeup. 

Before and After Photos:

Success stories with DermaScar

Franki Hobson, an expert reviewer at Practical Parenting and a mom used DermaScar Platinum C&E for six weeks and was amazed by the results. She had purple stretch marks from pregnancy, burns on her face from an accident when she was just a baby, plus photodamage and pigmentation from sun exposure, and all these were smoothed out. She even notes that it also minimized her fine lines and wrinkles. Her overall experience with DermaScar was seamless because it was relatively effortless to integrate into her routine. She can vouch that it only takes about a minute to dry and that it actually helped prep her skin for makeup. On top of that, she was happy that DermaScar silicone gel did not rub off on her clothes and that it was odorless as she was sensitive to strong fragrances.

Another satisfied user is Mim Jenkinson, a blogger, mom, entrepreneur, and mentor. She had a bright red keloid scar about two inches long on her chest from her battle with breast cancer. While she was thankful to have survived chemotherapy, people staring and asking about her scar took a toll on her confidence. It pushed her to get a cortisone injection which unfortunately inflamed her scar as it increased its height and redness. By then, her surgeon and dermatologist recommended that she try her luck with silicone scar gels and she was delighted to have stumbled upon DermaScar. She used it religiously every morning and night and felt relieved by the visible results she got in the first two weeks. The improvement in the appearance of her scar put both her mind and body more at ease and she only wishes that she had begun applying DermaScar sooner.

Scars are born from trauma or injury to the dermis or middle layer of the skin. The production and synthesis of collagen during the healing process would determine what type of scar you have. Keloids and hypertrophic scars which are discolored and raised from the skin are formed by collagen in excess. Fortunately, silicone gels are now widely accepted by dermatologists and plastic surgeons as an effective treatment for scars. DermaScar offers medical-grade silicone gel that has garnered much praise from users for its sheer ability to enhance the appearance of scars and lessen the discomfort associated with them.

The good news is that DermaScar silicone gel is now available as a scar treatment in Singapore through Zoe Nissi.