July 9, 2024

Introducing BIOJUVE–Leading A New Era of Skin Biome Care

Experience the start of the skin microbiome care revolution at Zoe Nissi! 

We’re excited to share that we are now carrying BIOJUVE, a skin biome care brand that leverages living microbe technology to optimise skin health on and below the surface

Being a skin probiotic, it works to restore balance within the skin microbiome using a living bacteria strain to reduce visible signs of aging and revitalise the ideal ecosystem for skin health. 

Indeed, it is a new dimension in skin science and health, so there’s a lot to unpack. We’re here to provide you with everything you need to know about the brand.


In 2023, Crown Aesthetics launched BIOJUVE–affirming that it’s “skin science like never experienced before.” 

The brand was created and formulated by skin scientists and internationally acclaimed board-certified dermatologists who have spent a decade developing the Xycrobe™ Technology that harnesses the power of a particular bacteria strain to boost skin health and appearance.

The company believes that optimising the skin’s living microbiome is one of the most effective ways to improve skin vitality and health 24/7. 

Its Patented Xycrobe Technology promotes a healthy skin environment

The Chief Science Officer of Crown Laboratories, Dr. Thomas Hitchock, Ph. D., and his team worked tirelessly over the years, researching the skin microbiome and bringing the Xycrobe innovation to the world.

Xycrobe Technology improves skin health using a living strain of skin bacteria known as C. acnes defendens to naturally produce and deliver bioessentials such as proteins, fatty acids, polypeptides, and antioxidants. This helps promote a healthy skin environment and proper skin hydration, fight oxidative stressors, and regulate sebum production. 

The idea of adding bacteria, specifically C.acnes defendens, to products for skin health could sound atypical, making it challenging for the team to introduce the groundbreaking technology to the market and gain consumer acceptance. 

But this didn’t stop the team from pushing for the technology, and so they’ve conducted clinical studies to examine its benefits for the skin. In the 8-week trials, patients have shared significant improvements in their skin’s appearance, particularly in:

  • Skin tone
  • Fine wrinkles
  • Under-eye circles
  • Laxity
  • Under-eye puffiness
  • Texture

BIOJUVE says, “Rethink how you care for your skin.”

BIOJUVE’s philosophy sets it apart from other skin health and care brands. It calls on everyone to rethink how they care for their skin and to tackle it from the inside out.

According to Dr. Hitchcock, the brand believes that the human skin functions as an ecosystem. 

“Crown’s significant investment in skin biome research proves our deep commitment to skin science for life…We’ve spent the last decade developing the Xycrobe technology and formulating it into the BIOJUVE brand products with the philosophy that human skin is an ecosystem and should be cared for as such,” he said. 

For their team, they have created a holistic approach to caring for the skin’s biome and environment with BIOJUVE—paving the way for healthier, more radiant skin. 

Unlike traditional skin products that target surface concerns, BIOJUVE focuses on nurturing the skin’s microbiome–an ecosystem of bacteria that shields you against pathogens, impacting your skin and overall health. 

Simply put, the skin’s microbiome is comparable to the intestinal microbiome, which is crucial to gut health. So, too, with the skin’s microbiome being the key to skin health. A balanced microbiome means skin that feels and looks healthy, allowing the skin to unlock its true potential. 

BIOJUVE takes a more comprehensive approach to skincare, going beyond surface treatments. It is not just about treating problems but also about creating a healthy microbiome for the skin to thrive. Including biome care through BIOJUVE in your beauty routine could be a wonderful step towards achieving healthy, thriving skin. 

Featuring the BIOJUVE Line

BIOJUVE is a twice-daily regimen involving skin biome products that work together to help the skin function at its full potential. The skincare line works synergistically, with each product enhancing the living Xycrobe™ technology of the others when applied. The BIOJUVE line has been proven to enhance skin health, improve signs of aging, and enhance overall skin texture. 

  • Conditioning Cleanse: A non-foaming cleanser that lifts away impurities and dirt–all while preserving and promoting a thriving microbiome for optimal skin health. It keeps the skin balanced and well-conditioned while supporting the microbe technology in the BIOJUVE Living Essentials Serum. 
  • Living Biome Essentials Serum: A serum that contains a smooth and rejuvenating formula that houses patented powerhouse Xycrobe™ technology. It works as a duo with the BIOJUVE Activating Mist. 
  • Activating Mist: As its name suggests, the activating mist acts as a switch that activates the living microbe technology in the Living Biome Essentials Serum.
  • Biome Support Complex: This BIOJUVE skincare product is a supplemental, extracted blend of microbe-derived proteins, polypeptides, antioxidants,  etc., that enhance the living microbe technology inside the Living Biome Essentials Serum. 
  • Hydrating Barrier Cream: This lightweight, moisturising cream is for Normal to Dry or Normal to Oily skin types. It enhances the performance of the Living Microbiome Essentials Serum by protecting the living microbes from disruption caused by typical sunscreen and makeup ingredients. Additionally, it supports your skin’s defence against exposure to environmental factors and prepares the skin for makeup application. 

Unlock your skin’s true potential now!

BIOJUVE products offer a revolutionary approach to skincare. They understand that healthy skin begins with a balanced ecosystem. Their approach goes beyond traditional and surface treatments, tackling skin issues by creating a healthy skin environment from within and manifesting a healthy appearance on the outside. 

Zoe Nissi is on a continuous mission to provide innovative skincare products in Singapore with the best line of products and services from different brands. We are embracing the BIOJUVE approach–a new, game-changing method in skin health that will change how we care for our skin. 

With BIOJUVE’s arrival in the hall of our trusted brand partners, we say that the “skin microbiome matters,” and we invite you to transform your skin from the inside out by including biome skin care in your skincare regimen.