Whitening from the Inside with Colourless Carotenoids


Carotenoids are natural sun protectants found in plants such as carrots, tomatoes and sweet potatoes. Carotenoids absorb harmful UVA and UVB rays and suppress free radicals that lead to premature ageing and dark, uneven skin tone.

All carotenoids are derived from the colourless carotenes phytoene and phytofluene. Colourless carotenoids lighten and even out skin tone through inhibiting melanin synthesis which reduces skin pigment production, protecting against UVA and UVB rays as well as significantly increasing anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant processes. The added benefit of being colourless is that they do not bleach or stain the skin—very useful when trying to achieve a lighter and more even skin tone.

A clinical study showed that 60% to 86% of participants who took colourless carotenoid supplements had significantly improved skin quality after 6 weeks, as determined by dermatologists’ clinical scoring. After 12 weeks, up to 90% of the participants had improvement in skin dryness, roughness, suppleness, evenness and texture.  In addition, after 12 weeks of colourless carotenoids intake, 65% of the participants had a significant 20% increase in the Minimum Erythemal Dose (MED) after UV exposure testing, showing a sun-protective effect.

Moreover, in self-evaluation questionnaires, participants recorded an improvement in skin radiance, evenness, hydration, smoothness, suppleness, elasticity and irritability and found their skin more resistant to sun damage, more beautiful and visibly younger and healthier.

Though carotenoids may be obtained through diet, to get optimal skin whitening effects, it would require the consumption of a large amount of carotenoid-containing foods, which is impractical. In order to relay the benefits of colorless carotenoids in a convenient form, BeauteScience developed EstheWhite. Each capsule of EstheWhite contains a quantity of colourless carotenoids equivalent to 60 tomatoes!

The key ingredient in EstheWhite is PhytoflORAL®, a patented innovative dietary supplement derived from a proprietary source of naturally-grown, non‐GMO tomato species. In addition, EstheWhite contains L-cysteine which stimulates the production of glutathione to further boost the lightening of dark pigmentation, promote skin renewal and display anti-oxidant effects.

EstheWhite is an effective and safe supplement with no known serious side effects, though it should not be taken by people who are allergic to tomatoes. A convenient dose of one capsule per day delivers benefits to the skin, not just on the face, but to the entire body.


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