Can eating fern extract protect your skin from the sun?


For decades, dermatologists and beauty experts have warned of the damaging effects of UV radiation and preached the importance of sun protection to minimize premature skin aging. Even those of us who spend most of our time indoors are not spared, as UV radiation can pass through windows and damage our skin while we are working on the computer. To prevent this, we have been told to apply sunscreen (or skincare with SPF) half an hour before going out and to reapply every 2 hours, especially if perspiring. But seriously, how many of us are able to adhere to such a regimen? It’s hard enough to remember to apply sunscreen to our ears, and for most of us, reapplication of sunscreen during the day is just not practical.

That’s why the concept of an oral sunscreen pill is so attractive; it’s convenient and has the potential to work for all parts of our skin, including the ears and hands and other places that we may forget to apply sunscreen on.  The good news is that researchers have already developed such pills, derived from a fern extract (scientific name: polypodium leucotomos).

Polypodium leucotomos, also known as cabbage palm fern, is a tropical plant native to Central and South America. Traditionally, this plant has been used by local tribes in the Honduras as an herbal folk remedy for various conditions. In modern times, polypodium leucotomos is used as a skin supplement to protect against the damaging effects of UV radiation.

Polypodium leucotomos has been extensively researched. Clinical studies have shown that polypodium leucotomos effectively reduces redness and inflammation following UV exposure, decreases sunburn cell formation and confers protective effects on DNA. In other words, the compound helps to boost the skin’s anti-oxidant systems, helping to mitigate against any of the free-radical damage to your skin cells that may occur with sun exposure.

EstheShield is a high potency formulation containing 500 mg of polypodium leucotomos, to provide photo-protection and prevent photo-aging. It has an excellent safety profile with no known contraindications.

However, it is still advisable to use EstheShield in conjunction with sunscreen. Sunscreen helps to block most of the absorption of UV radiation by the skin, while EstheShield helps to prevent skin damage caused by absorbed UV radiation. Using both together will help to maximise skin protection against the sun.


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