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Zoë Nissi Pte Ltd is a Singapore based company that is dedicated to distributing quality and innovative physicians dispensed skin health products. Our pride is  “Product Quality” and “Effective Products” which give lasting results. Since its incorporation in 2002, Zoë Nissi Pte Ltd showed a double digit growth yearly. With its headquarter in Singapore, Zoë Nissi Pte Ltd covers its business activity in three other major ASEAN countries namely, Indonesia, Malaysia and  Thailand.

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Plastic Surgeon

Concerned about your pigmentation? How about your wrinkles? Worried about your skin? Ask away… The skin health doctor is on duty. Simply type in your question and we will have Dr. Por Yong Chen to answer you.

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Rejuvenating Serum

What it is:

This ultimate age-defying serum uses epidermal growth factor (EGF) technology to stimulate cell proliferation and skin renewal. A blend of botanicals and potent antioxidants prevents cellular water loss, helping to keep ski firm, smooth  and protected from damaging free radicals.


  • Help stimulate cell renewal and protect skin from damaging free radicals

Lycogel® concealer

Lycogel® breathable concealer developed to be used by patient after procedure, sensitive skin patient and as everyday foundation.  Lycogel® concealer, available in four shades, provides triple pigmentation for extra concentrated coverage which virtually erases imperfections. A little goes a long way!

BRIGHTENEX™ Skin Brightener & Correcting Crème (Non-HQ)

What it is:
Non-hydroquinone lotion that can be used in treating hyperpigmentation and as a maintenance product after completing a course of Rx treatment. Formulated to even skin color and tone.
What it does

  • Multi-vectored approach: Breaks up existing pigmentation and blocks multiple melanogenesis pathways
  • Promotes exfoliation and cell turnover
  • Helps minimize hyperpigmented areas, including melasma
  • Smooths skin texture and evens skin tone
  • Alternative to the use of hydroquinone treatments

Nu-Derm Clear

What it is:
Repair damage surface of the skin by correcting hyperpigmentation, and uneven skin tone by lightening dark areas of the skin.

  • Most effective inhibitor of melanogenesis
  • Produces depigmenting effect by selective action on melanocyte metabolism.
  • Lightens areas of darkened skin such as freckles, age spots, post inflammatory hyperpigmentation and melisma.
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